The first social media
connected Counter

The first social media
connected Counter

An engaging experience.

Thanks to its unique design and real-time interactivity, the Smiirl Counter draw your customers attention and motivate them to follow your business on social media.

3 reasons why the Counter will be at the core of your social media strategy

Turn your visitors into Quality Likes in-store.

Quality Likes are the KEY to success : they come from people who love your business and aren’t shy about it, they’ve got infinitely more value than a regular Like.

  • Target the best people: your clients
  • Grow your community exponentially
  • Show your visitors how much people love you

Engagement is what you need. That’s what you’ll get with Quality Likes

  • Give visitors and clients a way to show their love
  • Use the Counter for competitions, milestones, engaging content
  • Give them a reason to recommend your business to their relatives

Social Media improves brand loyalty

  • Create a connection with your clients and your visitors thanks to social media
  • Stay in their minds to make them want to come back
  • Watch your sales go UP thanks to them and their relatives

Place it anywhere


Place it on at the cash desk, on a wall or on a countertop as a perfect icebreaker with customers and a great way to convert your physical traffic into social media followers


Place it in your storefront to advertise your community and show credibility in a modern and engaging way.

In your office

Place it in offices or reception halls as a motivation tool for marketing and communications teams.


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Quality Likes in 1 month


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